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Light Stride Night Guardian Clips

Light Stride Night Guardian Clips

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Light Stride Night Guardian Clips are the perfect companion for your nighttime adventures, providing enhanced safety and visibility during outdoor activities.

Night Safety Shoe Light: Our clips are designed to prioritize your safety during low-light conditions. The Night Guardian Clips serve as effective shoe lights, ensuring you're visible to others during activities like running, cycling, or hiking in the dark.

Bright and Attractive: The clips emit a bright and attractive light that not only enhances your visibility but also adds a stylish touch to your shoes. Stand out and stay safe with these eye-catching accessories. Currently available in nine different colours

Firm Attachment to Shoes: The Night Guardian Clips securely attach to the heel of your shoes, providing a stable and reliable source of light. You can move freely without worrying about the clips detaching during your activities.

Lightweight and Unobtrusive: Weighing next to nothing, these clips are incredibly lightweight. You won't even feel them on your shoes, allowing you to focus on your outdoor pursuits without any added weight or discomfort.

Versatile Attachment Options: The clips aren't limited to just shoes – they can also be securely clipped onto your waist, a mountain bicycle, and more. Enjoy the flexibility of using them in various ways to suit your preferred outdoor activities.

Perfect for Outdoor Night Activities: Whether you're running, cycling, shopping, climbing, or engaging in any outdoor activity at night, the Night Guardian Clips are the ideal safety accessory. Illuminate your path and be seen by others for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Experience the combination of new and high-quality design with Light Stride Night Guardian Clips. Elevate your nighttime activities with these versatile, bright, and lightweight safety accessories.


Getting Started:

  1. Placement: Choose a suitable location on the rear of your sneakers to attach unit. The unit will fit snuggly and stay in place but will not create any pressure on the heel of the foot.
  2. Power/Battery: Ensure battery is securely in placed correctly in the cartridge holder. Press large colored on button to begin illumination. Batteries are long lasting and will last for a long time, replacement batteries are easily obtained at local supermarkets or department stores

Maintenance and Care:

  1. Cleaning: Keep your Light Stride Clips clean by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals that might damage the surface.
  2. Storage: Store your machine in a dry, cool place when not in use to prolong its lifespan. Make sure to ensure that clips are powered off before storage to extend battery life. Some users choose to leave attached to running shoes in the long term.


  1. Increased Visibility: With your Light Stride Night Guardians, you will be even more visible to those around you on you nighttime activities as your moving feet now produce even more of a moving illumination source for vehicles and people to see.

(instructions also included with product)


At PowerFunk, we're committed to redefining your safety during night-time adventures. The Light Stride Night Guardian Shoe Clips go beyond being a mere accessory; they're your dedicated companions for enhanced visibility and security during nighttime activities. Crafted with precision and supported by safety professionals, these clips ensure you stand out and stay safe, whether you're running, cycling, or exploring the night outdoors.

Designed to prioritize your safety in low-light conditions, the Night Guardian Shoe Clips feature a Night Safety Shoe Light that provides bright and attractive illumination. Firmly attached to the heel of your shoe, these clips are lightweight, ensuring you stay visible without compromising comfort. Perfect for various outdoor activities at night, such as running, cycling, shopping, or climbing, the Night Guardian Shoe Clips are your go-to solution for elevated safety and visibility.

Embrace the night confidently with Light Stride™ Night Guardian Shoe Clips, where visibility meets style and safety. 🌟🏃‍♀️🚴‍♂️



The Light Stride Night Guardian Clips redefine night safety with their new and high-quality Night Safety Shoe Light. Backed by science and supported by experts, these clips enhance visibility during nighttime activities like running, cycling, shopping, and climbing. Lightweight and stylish, they firmly attach to your shoe's heel, ensuring you stay visible without feeling a thing. Illuminate your path and step into the night confidently with PowerFunk™ Light Stride Night Guardian Clips. 🌟🏃‍♀️🚴‍♂️


There's already thousands of customers using the Light Stride Clips to improve their night-time visibility. Due to this high demand, we often sell out so please be patient with us as we try our best to keep up with demand. For any other questions or inquiries please contact


We want you to be totally psyched about the products you purchase from PowerFunk. If at any time within 30 days of receiving your order, you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

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